Author Guidelines


  1. You can prepare your paper based on the following template.
  2. Email your paper to the corresponding journal listed on this page with a claim that your content is original. You cannot submit your article to multiple journals at the same time.
  3. You will get a notification from the editor that your email has been received.
  4. Review comment and result will be returned. Authors may receive,
    • Publish Unaltered: the paper is ready for publication and no changes is needed.
    • Acceptance after Minor Changes: you need to make minor changes according to the instruction of the editor.
    • Acceptance after Major Changes: you need to make major changes according to the instruction of the editor.
    • Rejection: Manuscript is flawed or not sufficiently novel
  5. Submit your final article (if required) before the deadline mentioned in the acceptance letter.
  6. Online / Printed publication will be done within 30 days. The CD version is also available upon request

Author Guidelines for Multicultural Education

Multicultural Education is an independent educational periodical. Submissions are encouraged from educational scholars and practitioners at all levels. All submissions are peer reviewed, and authors will be informed of decisions about publication in as timely a man-ner as possible. The following guidelines are offered to assist with preparation and submission of materials appropriate to the magazine.

Categories: Issues of Multicultural Education typically include the following categories of material: (1) feature articles related to any and all aspects of the multicultural education field; (2) research articles related to current issues in the field; (3) promising practices articles that describe and advocate specific multicultural education practices and procedures at various educational levels; (4) perspective articles related to such areas as multicultural art, film, music, and technology, as well as personal opinion pieces about the field of multicul-tural education; (5) reviews of books and other multicultural education media; and (6) news items and announcements about organizations, events, conferences, and other multicultural education programs. In making a submission, authors are asked to indicate to which of these categories they are submitting.

Format: All submissions should be double-spaced, including references and any other materials, and prepared as a MicrosoftWord elec-tronic file. A cover file containing the title of the manuscript, name(s) of author(s), academic title(s), institutional affiliation(s), and address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the author(s) should be submitted along with the manuscript file.

Where to Submit: Please e-mail a message with the two files as attachments to: or

Preparing the Material: We are looking for manuscripts that provide new information and perpspectives on multicultural education and that invite dialogue. Our goal is to provide useful, interesting information about multicultural issues to a broad range of readers in a variety of academic disciplines and educational and work settings. Please consider the following suggestions:

  • Keep the presentation clear and straight-forward. Multicultural Education audience includes educators at all levels from preschool to college/university.
  • We will consider submissions of any length; the length of your material should be determined by what you have to say; don’t pad to make it longer or cut anything you feel is important.
  • Use practical examples whenever possible to support key points.
  • Explain the meaning of all terms and words that may not be understood by the typical education reader.
  • In the case of reviews, be sure to provide the full title, author(s), publisher, year of publication, number of pages, price, and ISBN number of the book or other media being reviewed. We will not publish a review without that information. We also welcome photographs of book covers as illustrations for reviews.
  • We seldom use material that has been published previously. If your article has been submitted elsewhere and gets accepted for pub-lication, let us know immediately.

Graphics/Photographs/Art: Charts and tables, high quality black-and-white photographs, and original art that complement your submis-sion are most welcome. In the case of photographs, please be sure to provide the names of the people in the photos and explain where the people are and what they are doing. In the case of art work, please provide biographical information on the artists along with their name(s) and address(es). In all cases please attach these items as separate electronic files along with your manuscript and cover file.

What Gets Published: Priority will be given to submissions that offer new ideas and fresh perspectives, and those that are written in a communicative and interesting manner. Our peer reviewers judge material both on the accuracy and relevancy of content and the potential interest it has for our readers. Some submissions will be accepted immediately, others may be returned for possible revision by the author(s), and some will be rejected if the material is not deemed relevant or interesting for our audience or if we have previously published similar material.

What Gets Edited: Multicultural Education magazine conforms to APA style. Most manuscripts require editing after acceptance. Our edit-ing focuses on grammatical errors and style and presedntation; content and meaning will not be changed. Manuscripts requiring extensive revision will be returned to the author(s) for revision or rejected. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the information in their articles. If you find that corrections need to be made to your manuscript after it has been submitted, or if information needs to be updated, please so inform us as quickly as possible. Following revision and acceptance, we will prepare material for publication, and we will send PDF page proofs to the author for review and final corrections before publication.

Special Issues: Multicultural Education will consider proposals for special, guest-edited issues that focus on topics or themes of importance to the field. To suggest and explore a special issue idea with us please e-mail a brief proposal to: or


Reprints: When we judge appropriate, we grant permission to reprint materials from Multicultural Education in other publications or for use at conferences or with K-12 and college/university classes on a per-request basis and for a standard fee. Reprint requests should be mailed to, San Francisco, CA 94003, U.S.A., or sent by e-mail to or


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