Volume 10  2015


go to article Contributions of Islamic scholars to the scientific enterprise
Faruqi, Y.M. 
go to article Motivation in cross-cultural settings: A Papua New Guinea psychometric study
Nelson, G.F., O’Mara, A.J., McInerney, D.M. and Dowson M.
go to article Attending to feeling: Productive benefit to novel mathematics problem-solving
Aldous, C.R. 
go to article Very young children’s body image: Bodies and minds under construction
Birbeck, D. and Drummond, M. 
go to article An investigation into the effect of English learners’ dictionaries on international students’ acquisition of the English article system
Miller, J.
go to article Heterotopia and its role in the lived experiences of resettlement
Rossetto, M. 
go to article  English in minority areas of China: Some findings and directions for further research
Gil, J.
go to article Towards the making of education policy in Kenya: Conclusions and implications
Oduol, T. 
go to article Some rural examples of place-based education
Bartholomaeus, P. 
go to article Towards a spatial ‘self-help’ map for teaching living in a rural context
Halsey, R.J.
go to article The relationship among Egyptian adolescents’ perception of parental involvement, academic achievement, and achievement goals: A mediational analysis
Abd-El-Fattah, S.M.
go to article Qualitative approaches to educational evaluation: A regional conference-workshop
Banfield, G. and Cayago-Gicain, S.
go to article “I know they are manipulating me�” Unmasking indirect aggression in an adolescent girls’ friendship group: A case study
Huntley, J. and Owens, L. 
go to article Administering self-concept interventions in schools: No training necessary? A meta-analysis
O’Mara, A.J., Green, J. and Marsh, H.W.
go to article The causal ordering of self-concept and academic motivation and its effect on academic achievement
Green, J., Nelson, G., Martin, A. J. and Marsh, H
go to article The implicit theories of intelligence: A review of Dweck’s motivation process model
Abd-El-Fattah, S.M.
go to article An exploration of common student misconceptions in science
Thompson, F. and Logue, S.
go to article Is motivation a predictor of foreign language learning?
Taguchi, K.
go to article On Chinese Culture Curriculum planning
Wang, C.
go to article Developing and validating instruments for measuring democratic climate of the civic education classroom and student engagement in North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Mappiasse, S. 
go to article Learner-centeredness and EFL instruction in Vietnam: A case study
Dang, H.V. 

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