Volume 11  2016

To be fat or thin? Social representations of the body among adolescent female students in Brazil 
Stenzel, L.M., Saha, L.J. and Guareschi, P.
Using regression analysis to establish the relationship between home environment and reading achievement: A case of Zimbabwe 
Kanyongo, G.Y., Certo, J. and Launcelot, B.I.
What makes a difference between two schools? Teacher job satisfaction and educational outcomes 
Lee, M.
Why do they not talk? Towards an understanding of students’ cross-cultural encounters from an individualism/collectivism perspective
Tan, J.K.L. and Goh, J.W.P.
Comparing university academic performances of HSC students at the three art-based faculties 
Ismail, N.A. and Othman, A.
Private education as a policy tool in Turkey 
Cinoglu, M.
Does increasing communication through visual learning environments enhance student perceptions of lecturers? 
Frumkin, L.
Individual and flexible: Working conditions in the practice of Swedish distance-based teacher education 
Lindberg, J.O. and Olofsson, A.D.
State educational policy and curriculum: The case of Palestinian Arabs in Israel 
Abu-Saad, I.
Insisting on equity: A redistribution approach to education 
Nordstrum, L.E.
Retention and academic achievement research revisited from a United States perspective 
Lorence, J.
Successful pedagogies for an Australian multicultural classroom 
Winch-Dummett, C.
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